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Simple Tips To loss of 5kg in one month

Simple Tips To loss of 5kg in one month

Simple Tips To loss of 5kg in one month


Satisfied with your body? Not entirely. This cure guarantees a weight loss of up to 5 kg in just one month, so that you can get good self-esteem back. You are ready? Lower the sugar, white bread and fat in your diet and the amount of good vegetables instead. It is grundpricippet in this cure, which guarantees weight loss of up to 5 kg in just one month. The treatment is done together with the dietician Anna Caterina Færgemann. The goal is a lasting and healthy weight loss, and the product is a proof. WARNING! The first few days may seem harsh as all the stimulants have been removed. It usually only takes a couple of days, however, and you will soon feel the energy, beating on your shoulder and supporting your weight loss. 4 steps to lose 5 kg in one month. Choose what you eat. What you eat.

Therefore, you can freely choose: will you be flabby vingummibamse? Or healthy and crunchy vegetables? The choice is yours. Blodsukkervenlig diet which is rich in important nutrients, which support your metabolism and your metabolism is the way forward. Exercise every day. Daily exercise can mean the difference between some soft belly or a nice tight skin belly. What would you like to have? Make sure you have an hour of exercise a day - provides energy and motivation, then nothing can stop.


Make a plan


The third piece of the game for a healthier life and leaner body, a plan for weight loss. Make a contract with yourself, in which to write down your goals and desires. The plan allows you to stay motivated until your goals are met and you have a desire to continue and maintain your lifestyle changes - even after your desired weight is reached. 4. Clean! Take advantage of your motivation at the start of treatment: Throw away all the sugar, canned food, the dress, the old jams and other things, which has been on your shelves in the al for a long time. Fill the place with healthy foods such as vegetables, lentils, beans, eggs, chicken, fish, olive oil and fruit.



How Much Should You Eat? The amount depends on how much you move, how efficiently your metabolism is, but also how hungry you are. Some good guidelines are: 1. Eat max. part of the main meals. 2. Relic and take a little smaller portion than normal. 3. Half of your plate should be vegetables. The other half should be split between protein. 4. Chew your food thoroughly and place your knife and fork between each bite: Your brain and body are full first when you eat slowly and focus on each bite. It also promotes digestion, so that a nice flat stomach. What should you drink? Extinguish with eight glasses of liquids a day, f.ex. vegetables, fruit juices, water, herbal teas or green tea, and therefore it is important to relax between meals and chores. Your body needs to relax. It helps mentally and also strengthen your digestion.


Remember snacks


Remember snacks It is important to remember to eat sensible snacks. Mellemmåltiderne helps keep your blood sugar stable. Day 1: The cure begins with a quick one. The first day on the road to 5 kg or lasting weight loss, and you must mark the above for yourself and your body, that is now, your new lifestyle begins. On the first day, only vegetable juices are drunk. You have a saftcentrifuge, you can make your own juice. You can also buy delicious, organic, vegetable juice at the supermarket or health care shop in Denmark. You have a good blender; you can make a simple and delicious soup.

Blend and season to taste with aromatic herbs and sea salt. Day 2-4: You can now introduce some lentils and beans, salads and berry smoothies, rismælk, tofu and flaxseed oil into your diet. With these foods you satisfy your protein needs and satisfy your hunger. Day 5-30: Now involving fish, eggs, chicken and healthy oils (e.g., flaxseed, olive oil and avocado oil) and fruit in the diet You now have everything you need to create a hearty meal with healthy proteins, vegetables and oils. In order not to go fully kulhydratkold you also need to make sure you get quinoa or rice for your main meals. take a smoothie with a hard-boiled egg on the side.


Here is the logic behind weight loss


The joy of eating a slice of cake or a bag of candy lasting a few minutes. But it takes a lot longer to get rid of unnecessary calories yet. Doctor Jerk Langer come here with some regneeksempler that logically pairs calories and exercise together when you want weight loss. To lose a pound of body weight through exercise alone, work typically takes place, which equates to a burn of around 8000 calories. Such comparisons are simply impossible, they refer, as far as training is 8,000 calories (kcal) really? 1 pound of body fat = 8000 calories. Start with the figure of 8 000. So many calories in one pound of body fat.

From this value you can quickly discern how much fat you are theoretically losing by increasing your burning training and / or reducing your color is intake by eating healthier. 8000 calories = 3 marathons. We try to convert to a marathon, and how much weight you lose by running the classic distance of 42 kilometers, if you weigh 70 pounds - and of course, provided. Running a marathon typically burns 3,000 calories, which is equal to 0.375 kg. So roughly, you need to run three marathons to lose weight. So, it really requires a lot of light exercise.