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keys to improving metabolism: stress, sleep, and diet


keys to improving metabolism: stress, sleep, and diet

keys to improving metabolism: stress, sleep, and diet


Metabolism explains not only weight loss and weight gain, but also immune system function, energy levels, mood and emotional health, hormonal balance, skin quality, body shape, elimination ... in fact, all the functions that occur to you can be related to the body, physiological or mental, by some metabolic processes. So conditions like diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart failure, chronic inflammation, depression, and even epilepsy - all of these conditions (and many more!) Can be linked to an underlying metabolic problem.


In fact, we metabolize much more than what we eat and drink. We metabolize our own hormones and waste products of physiological processes (including metabolism itself). Of course, we are receptive to thoughts and emotions. (some of which are often very toxic) in the same way that we metabolize food and drink.


At first glance, metabolism turns out to be the core of our physical, mental, and emotional health. Therefore, to improve health, we must improve metabolism. Most importantly, there are three equally important factors to consider to improve your metabolism: stress, sleep, and diet.


Stress creates free radicals, meaning more waste to metabolize. The other problem with stress is that it activates the fight and flight mechanism that leads to the closure of healthy metabolic pathways. As so, blood sugar and insulin levels rise, causing us to store more fat (and fat cells, in turn, retain more physical and emotional toxins). Therefore, stress practices such as meditation, physical exercises, and some forms of therapy are essential to maintaining optimal metabolic health.


Lack of sleep also raises insulin and blood sugar levels and prevents the parasympathetic nervous system from functioning. So instead of putting rest, digestion, metabolism and parasympathetic repair in their place, we stay in a fist fight that leads, as we explained earlier, to fats. And toxin storage. To avoid this, make sure you are asleep no later than 11pm. M. And get at least 8 hours of sleep.


Last but not least, diet. there is a style to eat to increase metabolic health and there is a way to eat to destroy it. If you want to help with your metabolism, you should stay away from sugar (especially fructose, which leads to increased obesity and inflammation), flour, starch, polyunsaturated fats (especially seed oils), alcohol, and cigarettes. You should also stay away from snacking - limiting your food intake to two or three meals a day will increase your metabolism and help you burn fat and toxins; On the other hand, continuous grazing will do the opposite. Lastly, don't eat after 7 p.m. because everything that is put in the mouth after that time is stored as visceral fat around the organs (the worst fat of all time).


In conclusion, eat well, love and pray, sleep and you will feel good both inside and out.