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explain five main Causes Why Diets Don't Work


explain five main Causes Why Diets Don't Work

explain five main Causes Why Diets Don't Work

Every day, every year, many millions of people follow some type of diet, and the vast majority of them are less successful! Why do diets fail so often, or at least not deliver the desired results for the individual? Since we are different, in some ways, our reasons, perception There are many reasons / causes, for this, and often, it is not a single cause, but rather a combination, which creates these failures / disappointments! With that in mind, this article will attempt, in brief, to consider, review, examine and discuss 5 of these reasons / causes, what they represent, and how to better understand them, can some take better positions to achieve them. Their personal goals.


1. Lack of discipline / commitment: Any successful, weight loss program requires a great degree of personal discipline, and true commitment! One must know his personal reasons, and / or needs, be motivated by him / her inspired by him, and be motivated to keep his pursuit, toward, seeing - the light, at the end of the tunnel!


2. Insufficient persistence / surrender / the path of least resistance: It takes great tenacity, to commit to any weight-loss, planning. Most people seem to either believe, hope, etc., that their diet will work quickly, and after that, they can return to their previous habits. That is why, some experiment with, in the short term, a successful diet, but ultimately, put on the unwanted weight, again!


3. The underlying physical reason / cause: Some have started dieting, just because they hope to shed some pounds! While others do so on the advice of their own health professional! Still - others, want to change their body image, etc.!  it is important to start by examining yourself, from the neck up, and identifying your personal reasons, the desire to lose weight, and how important it is to you. Personally!


4. Wrong diet choice / choice for you: Some diets may be more personally important and inspiring than others! Carefully review the specific requirements of your plan, and whether  Check out the options and what works best for you. Are you looking, in the long run, and if you are, how can you change your habits and lifestyle, or just for a short-term, quick fix?


5. Unrealistic expectations (creation of self-realization, prediction, failure): The best diets are those in which one gradually kicks off the pounds, in a healthy way! Some of the plans create, short-term, inspiring focus where you instantly, take off, loads of weight (mostly, water weight)! When we set unrealistic goals / expectations, we often feel disappointed, and thus our diet fails!


These five reasons are some of the reasons why the diet fails! The more you know and understand, the better your chances for success!