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Walking For Weight Loss

Walking to lose weight

in this field, I'm gonna show you my top ten tips to help you maximize your weight loss, using walking .let's get into it tip number one metabolism you burn higher percents

fat while walking over sprinting now you actually burn more calories, while sprinting let's say for twenty minutes over walking for twenty minutes however the amount of calories that you burn is higher .for fat while walking miss

why if you do a lot of walking, and you can burn a lot of fat as long as you're walking enough, and that and this gets us in chip number two as long as you're doing fifteen-thirty minutes of walking on average .per day

you're going to be burning a sufficient amount of fat to allow you to lose weight this leads us a tip number three human beings are designed for walking when we're a child or actually an infant our first :exercise is

walking one way to learn to walk were actually hardwired for that so even as adults some of us think that we have to be doing all the different types of exercises, and one of the best exercises for actually .cardiovascular conditioning and lower body muskets

strength is walking, we are designed to do it so walking is one of the best exercises, that you can do from a young age up to an elderly age to tip number four is you have to take a look at the leanest athletes on .the planet and those are bodybuilding

and one of the forms of cardio that many bodybuilders used to get as lean as they do and we're talking three four five percent body fat is walking and one of the reasons why they do that is because again you're ratio of fat to the number of carbohydrates that you're burning and you can ramp up the intensity for walking that brings the tip number five if you're on a treadmill you can increase the speed or you .can increase the incline or both or

and even like his backpack with weights to make sure that your heart rate is high enough to even get higher fat burning to allow you to use more weight and tip number six is walking doesn't necessarily .have to be super intense it can

actually, help you recover from your workouts faster so for example if you're doing strength training and you're doing a lot of lower body work walking can be an easy way to help kind of dissipate forces through your low back through hips.

and it can actually help you recover faster than if you're not walking also walking really doesn't use your upper body a lot so that if you're doing a lot of upper body exercises walking can actually help to d .load or take the stress off of the upper

tip number seven get outside walking can allow you to get into the outdoors which human beings are designed for it shown that we generally have better mental health effects we can get when we can get .out

side for at least thirty minutes more and more every day now you can't do an elliptical outside and you can do a stair climber outside but you can walk outside so it is beneficial at times to get off the treadmill .and get outside and walk

see the outdoors get to know your neighborhood get to know your neighbors get outside tip number eight the physical mental and emotional health benefits of walking are well documented so physically .you're going to have a lower chance

getting a heart attack you'll have a lower chance of getting a stroke you will live longer if you're regularly walking mental health benefits you're going to have less anxiety and depression you're .actually going to be more creative if you're walking even for sleep

The research shows that people who walk more get better sleep so tip number nine isn't so much the tip as it is a benefit walking, so I know a lot of you are driving you're taking buses you're taking trains and .if you can walk where it's fifteen minutes

last, I want you to consider doing it because you do get the best benefits of walking which are a regular exercise that allows you to walk to something which, let's say for instance, fifteen minutes and then walk back that's a half an hour walking which can be really helpful.

exercise for the day so my last tip for the top ten tips for walking for weight loss is that one of the best physical therapists in the world doctor surely saw him and does only one exercise at an age of over .seventy-five giving lectures

in seminars around the world, I just, uh ten one which she was standing up and walking for like three days, which is crazy, she doesn't want to exercise your guess where it is, it is walking so he got to get .anything out of this video please subscribe to my channel let me know if you have it