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The Secret to Looking 10 Years Younger

The Secret to Looking 10 Years Younger


We always want to look younger than we are and live as long as possible. While our genetic makeup gives us an advantage, our diet also plays an important role in extending our lifespan and maintaining beautiful, youthful skin for longer. Teaching foods that keep your skin look ten years younger, foods that make you look ten years younger.



Vegetables are extremely rich in nutrients, and low in calories they contain antioxidants that reduce the risk of heart disease cataracts, and cancer many vegetables are also rich in karate noises such as beta carotene, these can protect against sun exposure and free radicals which can lead to skin aging some of the best sources of beta carotene are carrots pumpkin, and sweet potatoes many vegetables are also rich in vitamin c which is important for college and function it has a powerful antioxidant effect, vegetable with the highest vitamin c content include leafy green peppers tomatoes and broccoli. Avocado You must have heard that all the puddle causes again due to its high-fat content maybe you didn't know that these fats are very healthy if you eat enough cardio every day, lowers the cholesterol level, and supports the skin regeneration process supplies your body with vitamin c potassium. Yes, antioxidants to it's high in folic acid have you ever tried other caught us smoothie it's never too late to try new things for yourself, but the other caught a pulp mill crushed ice and a tablespoon of brown sugar the blender, and stir until smooth enjoy your delicious and creamy avocado.



 Berries do you like strawberries blackberries blueberries grapes contain antioxidant properties, that also prevent or delay certain types of cell damage eating berries can help reduce swelling, and joint pain doctors recommend consuming blueberries as they improve cognitive skills and help prevent Alzheimer's's disease.


Carrots these vegetables can protect your eyesight helps the retina and other parts of the function properly thanks to beta carotene a substance that your body converts into vitamin a besides it protects your skin from photo-aging premature skin wrinkles caused by the radiation remembered that you shouldn't cook carrots for too long as the cooking will reduce the number of essential nutrients.




bananas widely available an inexpensive or one of the most popular fruits in the world. but did you know that they can work wonders on your skin they are rich in antioxidants and protect the body from free radicals.


Sweet Potatoes


sweet potatoes like other red and orange fruits and vegetables sweet potatoes are high and beautifying beta carotene and vitamin these nutrients reduce skin cell damage and give you a test complexion making you look younger.




number seven watermelon is a perfect summer gift about ninety percent water keeps the skin moisturizer and contains a lot of like a pain which prevents sunburn researchers have found that eating watermelon, it's the equivalent of sun protection factor three to strengthen not replace your sun protection you need to consume three cups for this to be effective number eight ginger is a healing spice and can work one.




on your skin, its antioxidant properties rejuvenate skin tone and texture and combat blemishes an age spot two thousand and thirteen studies by the international journal of herbal medicine found that ginger also fights inflammation that can cause rain.




schools and sudden breakout number nine tomatoes are one of the best anti-aging foods and work twice as hard to keep you young not only do they stimulate college and keep the skin tight but they are also high in lycopene, which protects against sun damage a study by the British journal of dermatology found that people who ate five tablespoons of tomato puree they had thirty-three percent more protection from sunburn number ten fall of oil.


Olive oil


olive oil is an essential part of a healthy diet and a worthy addition to your skincare routines it's one of the primary sources of alpha and Olympic acid which keeps your skin hydrated and tone preventing its aging you can use olive oil by applying a few drops.



Sweet Dark Chocolate

.Sweet Dark chocolate has many health benefits